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to more negotiations, this is still seen as quite a victory for john kerry. what's he been doing to get this process going again? >> this is a bit of a diplomatic victory for him. he has organized this and brokered this and that is why these talks about be taking place here in washington. presumably, john kerry, the u.s. secretary of state, will be at all the meetings. it comes off what they call truffle diplomacy, which means he's -- shuttle diplomacy, which means he's been back and forth to the area six times in the months he's had the post of secretary of state. john kerry wants to do this a little bit better than hillary clinton did in the post and certainly has the booklet -- blessing of the us ut president, barack obama. it will be very interesting because there was little to report from his first term in office from the middle east peace process. >> we'll be coming back to you throughout the week as these talks progress the malians have spent the play -- day in a presidential election that could signal a new era of stability. this after a year and a half of chaos between taureg s
, killing dozens. >>> mid east breakthrough. senator john kerry brings palestinian peace negotiators back to the table. >>> anthony weiner big campaign setback. will he drop out of the race plus, a massive jewelry heist at a ritzy hotel. one couple's trash turns out to be treasure. and details on kimye's exorbitant bed budget. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, july 29th. >>> very good morning to you. i'm richard lui. it was a tragic weekend for bus travel. the latest incident involving a tour bus in southern italy. the italian tour bus plunged almost 100 feet off a major highway last night. moments before it slammed into several cars slowed by heavy traffic. at least 30 people were killed. two are in critical condition. more details on this weekend's deadly crash involving a church bus in indianapolis. it had about 40 passengers. the driver told police the vehicle's brakes failed before overtu overturning. the church's youth pastor, his pregnant wife and a congregation member were killed in that. >>> and in arizona, strong floodwaters swept a
we see the u.s. and john kerry playing? >> ari, we cannot underestimate that egypt is on the cusp of a huge potential blood bath. the fact of the matter is that we need to understand that the muslim brotherhood represents tens of millions of very angry followers of the post-president morsi. the fact that they're still willing to challenge the military establishment by marching on the security intelligence headquarters is an invitation to a huge blood bath. the fact is that despite all our efforts, despite the aid that the united states provides to egypt, there's very little leverage that we have when we have this potential confrontation about to take place for supreme si over the future of the egyptian state. >> well, let's turn to israel and the potential peace process there. i mean, watching as an observer, you see potential signs of progress. you see a deal being struck to release palestinian prisoners. a referendum put in place so if a peace deal is reached, the israeli public can sign off on it. how hopeful should we be there's going to be progress made? >> isn't it ironic th
of protesters. negotiators have arrived for a dinner hosted by john kerry in washington. they have been appointed as the and talksiator haven't taken place since 2010. >> a series of raids by the fbi, the agency's largest ever action against child trafficking, just 13 years old. >> not in a position to judge gay people. they may be candid remarks on the way back from the first foreign trip. richard martin has the story. visit from brazil, it is through one of their most dangerous slums. was attended by about 3 million worshipers. when of the biggest in recent memory. some of his most candid comments came much later. speaking directly to journalists on board. they answered questions on a series of controversial issues including the role of women and gay rights. >> everyone writes about the gay lovely. >> all lobbies are not good. if a person is gay and seeks god and has good will, who am i to judge them? >> he upheld the ban on women priests. thanry was more important the apostates and priests. women in the church are more important than bishops and priests. we have to do better at getti
.c., with secretary of state john kerry hosting a dinner on monday. no one had any illusions about how tough the talks were likely to be. side and talking, it has taken the u.s. secretary of state numerous visits to the israelis and palestinians to get them this far. their chief negotiator is seated next to his israeli counterpart. >> it is something that we cannot afford. but there is some hope. israel they will see the first meeting and understand that they should not give up hope. that it is reachable and ready to do it. >> a former u.s. ambassador to israel, a member of the israeli lobby group, the founding director of the washington institute for near east policy. >> it is a daunting and humbling challenge. one that i cannot desist from. i look forward with great excitement to working with you and their teams to do our best to achieve the vision of president obama of two states moving side-by-side in peace of sit -- peace and security. >> there are seemingly insurmountable differences. wouldlestinian authority get the west bank, the gaza strip and east jerusalem, most controversial. that will not
in southern italy as a tour bus plunges off a highway killing dozens. >>> senator john kerry brings peace negotiators back to the table. >>> anthony weiner's campaign setback as pressure mounts for him to drop out of the race. >>> plus a jewelry heist at a hotel. one couple's trash turns out to be treasure. >>> and details on kimye's bed budget. >>> good morning to you. i'm veronica delaware la kruz. the latest incident involving a tour bus, the bus plunged 100 feet off a major highway after slamming into several cars slowed by heavy traffic. at least 37 people were killed. another 11 people on board were injured, 2 in critical condition. >>> we're learn iing more about the deadly crash involving a church bus in indianapolis. the youth pastor, his pregnant wife and a congregation member were killed and 19 others injured when the bus carrying about 40 passengers overturned. the driver told police the vehicle's brake's had failed. >>> a bus was rushed from flood waters. none of the passengers were injured. >>> middle east peace talks resume today in washington. the l the last obstacle was c
here. >>> welcome back to "the lead." the world lead as nations around them burn secretary john kerry sets a goal for peace between israel and the palestinians. why now? the politics lead. two more days before summer vacation for congress. president obama may have bus tickets ready for them. details of a visit to capitol hill that reportedly got testy action and there wasn't a republican in sight. >>> the a stunning details of richard nixon. home movies reveal the man behind the victory signs in a new cnn film that's getting a ton of buzz. now it's time for the world lead. after 5,000 years, john kerry says give me nine months and we'll fix the middle east. i'm overstating it a bit. the state department says that's a timeline the parties have committed to as a new round the talks. with all the core issues, refugees refugees, settlers borders, jumaine, all of it on the table. with syria and egypt spilling into chaos, why is kerry focusing on this stuff now? our nick peyton walsh has the story. >> our objective will be to achieve a final status agreement over the c
.s. secretary of state john kerry has been pushing for months to bring israeli and palestinian leaders back to the negotiating table. now he's persuaded their senior aides to come together in washington. kerry spoke over the telephone with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas. they agreed to send negotiators to washington to prepare for peace talks. the envoys are scheduled to meet on monday and tuesda kerry has visited the middle east over and over in an effort to coax the two sides back into negotiations. finally, on sunday, the israeli cabinet approved the release of more than 100 palestinian prisoners. the palestinians had held out for them to be freed before they would agree to resume talks. >>> egyptiansho hold diffent litical belie are hardening eir lve.tyorces have for the last three days with supporters ofd president mohamed rsi. more than 80 pple were killed in the deadliest fighting since military leaders overthrew him earlier this month. morsi supporters are demanding that he be reinstated. they ran into security forces on f
in washington, d.c. it follows a series of recent moves of those relations thanks to john kerry. over the weekend israel announced the release of 104 palestinian prisoners. many were convicted of killing israelis. the move was met with protests from the victims' families. neither government is providing a framework for negotiations, which will likely focus on the borders, juish settlements and control of jerusalem. >>> it was a deadly weekend in egypt where more than 80 people were killed after a series of clashes with egyptian authorities. the most severe was in cairo saturday night. eyewitness accounts say police forces opened fire on the unsuspecting crowd of muslim brotherhood allies. the violence came a day after hundreds of thousands marched in support of the military, which called for a mandate to fight terror. secretary of state john kerry called it a pivotal moment urging leaders to take a step back from the brink. >>> there are some mixed messages when it comes to how americans are dealing with today's economy. a survey finds 80% of adults will at some point in their lives d
. that phase going or where. each side is making some tough .hoices right now john kerry got them into the shallow end and the swimming will get much harder when they get into deeper waters. >> these are still talks about starting detox. what are the big hurdles? >> they'll be in washington and have to deal with procedural issues. there is artie been a press report they will move to the region in the next week or so. then you have the question of, how to restructure this? do we want the americans in the room or not? the palestinians will want them in the room or because they believe they are more in sync. there will be philosophical questions about structure, but they will have to delve into the substance. is the security range? what about jerusalem? >> the palestinians want the u.s. in the room. why does the u.s. persist with this because it has been the vein of every presence tenure. why does the u.s. carry on? >> as the united states, we care about this. if there's a war, we feel we will get sucked into that war. we have always believed in strong relations with the arab states
meetings in washington today. john kerry said they have set a goal of nine months months to reserve outstanding issues. they will hold the next round of talks in the next couple of weeks. >> together for the first time. and negotiators. can this time really be different? >> after two rounds of talks, something have clearly gone well. in nine months he expected a deal. everything would be up for discussion. >> the parties have agreed that all of the final status issues, all of the core issues and all other issues are all on the table for negotiation. >> there are major stumbling walks. there is the status of jerusalem. what should be done with israeli settlements on palestinian territory? in the border should be future of millions of .alestinian this they said that this opportunity cannot be wasted. >> we all know it'll be hard. ups and downs. that thesee you negotiations, it is not our intention to argue about the past. andoth palestinians israelis are critical of their leaders for talking to each other. the negotiators try to address that. >> they have not gone far enough. no one b
there with an assist from the secretary of state john kerry. our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell covering all of it from the state department tonight. andrea, we have seen this before. >> we have, indeed. and president at the white house today, brian, gave these two sides, the negotiators a pep talk and then sent them back here to the state department to try to resolve all of the intractable issues that have divided them for a half century, and do it in only nine months. people are right to be skeptical given that history. but there are some differences now when israel looks around, the most peaceful neighbors it cease civil war on all sides. so perhaps the most peaceful neighbors it has are the palestinians on the west bank. and there is also population growth. inevitably, by 2020, palestinians will outnumber israeli jews. it's in israel's self-interest to agree to a separate palestinian state next door. but there are some real down sides. netanyahu, bibinetanyahu, does not have strong support in his cabinet for this. the palestinian leadership is a lot weaker than it was three
, prodding and listening to u.s. secretary of state john kerry. >> parties have agreed here today that all of the final status issues, all of the core issues, and all other issues are all on the table for negotiation. >> the final status issues includes what happens to the borders and the issue of refuse fees and israel's security concerns. unlike 2010, u.s. officials say neither side is setting preconditions and both are taking political risks to re-enter talks. the palestinians are extending their bid for u.n. security council recognition while the israelis will release more than 100 palestinian prisoners as a show of good faith. what's more, both sides have promised the americans they will not quit at the least provocation. as an incentive, the u.s. and its quartet partners have created a $4 billion private investment package to bolster the palestinian economy and by extension, israel's, too. senior u.s. officials say the two sides embraced at the start of the talks in what they all a -- call a sign of trust and will need it in the next nine months when they have to show how much they'r
and palestinian negotiator met in washington. secretary of state john kerry mediated. he said they will hold talks in two weeks either in israel or the palestinian territories. >> i can assure you that in these negotiations, it's not our intention to argue about the past, but to create solutions and make decisions for the future. >> it's time for the palestinian people to have an independent, sovereign state of their own. >> the negotiations to create the state that palestinians have longed for have had many stops and starts. the palestinians quit the last round of talks in 2010 the to protest against the expansion of israeli settlements. they came back to the table after israeli leaders agreed to release palestinian prisoners who had been jailed for more than 20 years. here's how people on both sides view the resumption of the talks. >> reporter: this woman lives in the bethlehem city on the west bank. her son has been in prison in israel for nearly three decades. he is serving two life sentences for killing two israelis. he said he was retaliating for israeli military operations which have kille
and palestinian chief negotiators met over two days in washington. u.s. secretary of state john kerry mediated. he said the negotiators will hold the next round of talks in two weeks either in israel or the palestinian territories. >> i can assure you that these negotiations and it's not our exception to argue about the past. but to create solutions and make decisions for the future. >> it's time for the palestinian people to have an independent, sovereign state of their own. >> negotiations to create the long sought palestinian state endured many stops and starts. the palestinians quit the last round of talks in 2010 to protest against the expansion of israeli settlements and returned to the table after israeli leaders agreed to release more than 100 prisoners. nhk world joined us from jerusalem to discuss why the sides agreed to try again. >> in a nut shell they vowed to renewed pressure from the united states. secretary of state john kerry made mideast peace his priority. he has traveled to the region six times to encourage a return to the negotiation table. neither wanted to be the who stood i
secretary of state john kerry. and he's speaking about the u.n. arms trade treaty. a treaty that was approved by the u.n. ygeneral assembly back on april 2nd. chief kessler leaves that this treaty will limit his right to bear arms. >> secretary of state john kerry, that piece of [ bleep ] traitor, who is he to decide what we can and can't own? and [ bleep ] the u.n. who are they to decide what we, the american people, can own? >> that's the video that upset lots of people. because he uses profane words in reference to our secretary of state. and also people are offended because this man is a public official. but now let's go back to that apology video. >> for all you people out there who cried and cried about, oh, i used profanity, go [ bleep ] yourself and get some more. >> you think maybe he's done here. maybe the message has been sent by chief kessler. no, he comes back for more. >> go [ bleep ] yourself again. >> he comes back with yet another firearm. >> [ bleep ] you! >> i can't believe this guy is the police chief. he's trying to be a youtube character. >> the right t
this morning. secretary of state john kerry made the issue a top priority after being sworn in just months ago and made a half dozen trips to the mideast to get the two sides to the table. >> i think reasonable compromises has to be a keystone of all of this effort. i know the negotiations are going to be tough, but i also know that the consequences of not trying could be worse. >> the man kerry tapped to lead negotiations is well versed in the nerkzs. he has done two stents of ambassador to israel and played a key in 2000. he tends to restart the talks in 2007 and 2010. burning president obama so badly he is keeping the issue at warm's hongt. he seemed to set the barlow. the most difficult work of these negotiations is ahead. they will approach these talks and will continue folks in determination. there is one group that won't be represented when they mead today. the elected leaders in gaza. home to nearly 40% and dubbed the terrorist organization and every invited. they denounced the talks and saying he doesn't have the authority to negotiate on behalf of them. you get to the number one poin
years between the israelis and the palestinians, and the secretary of state john kerry spent six months of shuttle diplomacy organizing them. he said this morning's meeting was promising. >> the parties agreed to remain engaged in sustained, continuous, and substantive negotiations on the core issues and they'll will meet within the next two weeks. >> shepard: the two sides battled over many of the core issues for decades. the palestinians demand a state of their own, one that would include the left bank and georgia sample israel captured those territories in the six-day war in 1967 and has built dozens of settlements there and that greatly complicates any attachment for a deal -- any attempt for a deal. you wonder how they will get past the issue of the settlements. >> the proposals they considered in the past involved israeli land swaps for the larger settlements but it takes a strong israeli leader to close the smallest settlement and it takes a strong palestinian leader to agree that the larger settlements can remain and once you have drawn the borders you still have other issues li
seen with great pleasure and excitement the intense efforts john kerry has made to recommence the peace process in the middle east after five years of a wreck we essence date. no one has known exactly what he is doing because his mission has been very quiet. we also know from the news media, i am not quoting anything john kerry has told us, but we have known netanyahu has a coalition in israel that is heavily dependent on extreme, white -- right wing groups, but one state that controls all of the area, he is quite dependent in his government for their support. that opens up a very good chance that we should include a peace agreement based on anything concerning settlements. forming a new coalition is a possibility. on the other hand, the head of the plo has very low support, politically speaking, from his own people, and certainly not from hamas, who are now concentrated their in gaza. both leaders are in adversarial worlds in the holy land and are seriously constrained by their own constituency. if and when they come to the peace talks, they will have shown a great deal of courage, pol
. the two sides accepted invitations from john kerry to accept peace talks. tara mergener is in washington with more. good morning, tara. >> good morning, anne-marie. well, these preliminary discussions come after an intense effort by john kerry to get both parties back to the table. the hope is to develop a plan for full-blown peace talks within the next few months. demonstrators in palestine and israel protested the news that peace talks will resume today between the two governments, further evidence of the deep mistrust on both sideses. the breakthrough to get two sides talking again came after israel's cabinet approved the release of more than 100 palestinian leaders. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called it a tough decision. many call it unpopular in the country. secretary of state john kerry invited the parties to america for talks after the cabinet approved the prisoners' release. >> both leaders in the region have made a courageous decision to try to return to final status talks. >> these initial talks are meant to lay the groundwork for future negotiations. sippy lidny
of the internet. then secretary of state john kerry on the conflict in the african great lakes region. after that, a look at how states and the federal government are handling the approaching deadline for open enrollment of health insurance exchanges. and later we're live from the center for american progress for a discussion on the fiscal debate in washington and the role of debt and deficit reduction in economic strategy. >> on capitol hill this week, the house returns tomorrow at noon eastern to work on a bill to fund 2014 transportation and housing programs as well as a bipartisan compromise bill to address the doubling of student loan interest rates. the senate is back today at 2 p.m. for general speeches. later, members resume work on a $54 billion spending bill for transportation and housing programs. they'll debate the nomination of james comey to be the next director of the fbi, a vote to advance the nomination is expected at 5:30 p.m. eastern today. also this week members will consider three nominees to the national labor relations board. you can watch the house live on c-span and the s
over dinner with secretary of state john kerry in washington. it's a first step toward resuming middle east peace talks for the first time in years. s.rgaret brennan is following ollowing. much oorter: john kerry spent much of the past four months shuttling back and forth between the two sides, persuading them de sit down together in the same amem. the next hurdle is staying there. these are only talks about talks, and in the earliest nd ins. >> it's no secret, therefore, that many difficult choices lie shead for the negotiators and leadthe leaders as we seek reasonable compromises on tough, complicated, emotional and symbolic issues. ue reporter: the israeli cabinet's decision this weekend to free more than 100 palestinian prisoners cleared the way for today's talks. ale release will be in several stages over several months. agesit angered some israelis who believe prisoners have blood on their hands. there were protests on the palestinian side, too. wey were upset talks started while construction of israeli settlements on the west bank continued, a key sticking point over decades of
that what john kerry is doing is diplomacy by attrition. he just kept going back to the middle east again and again and talking to netanyahu, talking to president abbas and trying to get them to the table. this was the one goal that john kerry had his heart set on when he took the job of secretary of state and that does work in his favor. >> aaron, at the same time there's so much else going on. he had to spend a good part of the weekend worrying about egypt. we are going to be talking to ayman muhyeldin very shortly about that where he warned the egyptian authorities that they were on the brink. so can he keep his focus now on these middle east talks or is the rest of the world also blowing up around him? >> it's counterintuitive, andrea. the fact that the middle east is in chaos, civil war in syria, political violence, dysfunction in egypt in a strange way has left the israeli-palestinian arena the most potentially positive area for american engagement. we are not going to intercede in the syrian civil war and there's very little frankly we'll do to create a democratic equality in egypt
at the n negotiators white house and we expect john kerry to make comments to the media. website and find out about our coverage there. he house is coming in at noon today so we will bring you to the senate armed services committee where a hearing is under one to head up the strategic command and the other two had the united states forces in south korea. two had the united states forces in south korea. have thef you confirmation hearings and it's hard to get answers when they have not pursued that position. you have a background in the position you are moving to. i inc. you are both excellent choices. -- i think you are both excellent choices. a question about did you start the treaty. you said you did. , i looked at the treaty and there were a lot of commitments made at that time in order to get the votes necessary watch it. it was a close call. i remainhe said concerned that maintaining a is in the midst of a difficult financial time. modernization is what we are talking about here that was a commitment made that has not yet .eached its fruition in terms of modernizing. i am concerned a
back to "viewpoint." u.s. secretary of state john kerry is pushing hard for mideast peace talks. they all sat down together for about a half hour yesterday along with president obama. now officials say they expect israel to loosen their controls over private sector investment in the west bank. now it's a good idea to devil that area, right? john kerry is getting flack for setting a public goal for a peace deal within nine months. others say president obama needs to be more involved before any peace movement can take place and they can blame obama if it doesn't. what if we solve the entire conflict in the next five minutes with a bunch of comedians. and "the new york daily news" called hair co harrison greenvie hardest working comedic. let me open for you sometime. we have two jews and a palestinian, let's play ball. john kerry as you guys know is catching heck already for setting lofty goals for mideast peace. but at least he's trying. do you think he can get something done in the same time it takes kim kardashian to develop and produce a kanye baby? >> i think he has no chance,
. >>> no easy task. over the years we've seen countless handshakes, photo ops. it's now john kerry's turn. >>> the peace process has collapsed, been revived, collapsed, been revived and so on. the walls that separate the palestinians and israelis only grow higher. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat more dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting to mobile apps, small business solutions from at&t have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare
your television provider. >> ahead here on c-span2, secretary of state john kerry and other representatives of the u.n. security council speaking about the conflict in the african great lakes region. then a look at how states and the federal government are meeting the october deadline for open enrollment of health insurance exchanges. after that we're live from the center for american progress with a debate on the role of debt and deficit reduction and economic strategy. and later, the senate returns at 2 p.m. eastern for general speeches followed by more debate on funding for transportation and housing programs and the nomination of james comey to be the next fbi director. >> at a recent u.n. security council meeting in phi, secretary of state john kerry and u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon discussed the ongoing cop flick in the african great lakes region as well as humanitarian assistance in the area. other speakers included the president of the world bank and the be u.n. special envoy to the african great lakes region. [inaudible conversations] >> the 7,0 11th meeting o
peace talks resume tonight in the u.s. secretary of state john kerry hosting a working dinner for senior israeli and palestinian negotiators. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler coming back to the negotiating table is a first step in a much traveled often bumpy road. >> reporter: the agreement launches nine months of talks on the hardest issues, borders, israeli security, palestinian refugee rights and jerusalem. >> i know negotiations are going to be tough, but i also know the consequences of not trying could be worse. >> reporter: secretary of state kerry made six trips to the middle east since taking office earlier this year, but he says it was president obama's visit in march that set the stage for renewed peace talks. in a written statement today, mr. obama said the trip, quote, reinforced my belief that peace is both possible and necessary. the palestinians demanded release of more than 100 prisoners serving time for 1980s and '90s attacks on soldiers, women and children. there were bitter protests of the release of people with blood on their hands, but
, john kerry, meeting with the chief israeli and palestinian negotiators. there they are at the state department a while ago. nobody thinks this will be easy but secretary kerry is setting his sights high. i'm joined by the vice president of new initiatives. he was a peace process negotiator for the u.s. over many years. the secretary is setting his sights pretty high. listen to the objective he put forward today. >> our objective will be to achieve a final status agreement over the course of the next nine months. >> as soon as i heard that nine months i said that's pretty fast giving the differences on both sides. is that doable? >> the reality is you know, as well as i, negotiates have two speeds, slow and slower. if they get traction then they will probably violate the deadline then that will be okay. if it turns out there aren't adequate turns of reference, deep trust then i suspect it will be a much shorter movie. in any vent the notion of a conflict ending agreement which is what the secretary has identified is an extraordinary bridge to even begin to imagine crossing. on issues
for a dinner hosted by secretary of state john kerry in washington. the talks will be overseen by martin indyk who was named as the new special envoy to the middle east. we will have more on the talks after headlines. ousted egyptian president mohamed morsi has been allowed to meet with european union more than a ousted month ago. he and the muslim brotherhood have continued to call for his reinstatement after 72 people were killed on saturday after police opened fire on a brotherhood rally. we will have more from egypt from sharif abdel kouddous later in the broadcast. the fbi has rescued more than 100 victims of forced prostitution and have a numerous people. the assistant director of the fbi's criminal investigative division spoke on monday. >> sex trafficking among children remains one of the most prevalent, violent, and unconscionable crimes in the country. despite challenges, those who exploit children should know that we and this team will continue to seek them out and burn them to justice. >> in northwest pakistan, dozens of militants attacked a prison overnight and freed roughly 250 p
the speed limit around a bend. the driver was released from custody yesterday >>> john kerry will try to succeed where no one else has in decades of trying. the topic peace between israel and palestine. cbs reporter tara mergener has the latest from. what where secretary of state john kerry will host -- the latest from washington, where secretary of state john kerry will host the event. >> reporter: demonstrators in palestinian territory and israel protested the news that peace talks will resume today between the two governments. further evidence of the deep mistrust on both sides. the breakthrough to get the two sides talking again came after israel's cabinet approved the release of more than 100 palestinian prisoners. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called it a tough decision. it's unpopular with many in his country. >> murderers should not be released and freed. they should be killed. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry invited the parties to washington for the talks after the israeli cabinet approved the prisoner release. >> both leaders in the region, prime minis
they will not reach any agreement. many people were surprised by the fact that john kerry managed to get the officials together to talk. >> they had a really tough fight on his hands. what obstacles does he still faced? >> his own government, first of all, right wing parties and ministers. they've publicly state they do not support a two-state solution but even if this government goes into a crisis like the 1967 borders, there could be other parties like the labor party. what is he willing to do? he said part of this decision to prevent a one-state solution, the region has changed a lot since the last round of talks. >> thank you for reporting from jerusalem. >> that have met with the deposed egyptian president and is the first to do so since he was ousted on july the third. >> the second visit to egypt this month, the country to discuss a return to democracy. >> supporters have been demonstrating for weeks, disrupting public life demanding that the ousted president be reinstated in refusing to accept anything less. >> the only solution we are waiting for is the return of our president. this can be ac
the work of secretary of state john kerry who after dining with the same negotiators monday night had this to say. >> while i understand the skepticism, i don't share it. and i don't think we have time for it. i firmly believe the leaders the negotiators and citizens invested in this effort can make peace for one simple reason. because they must. a viable two-state solution is the only way this conflict can end. and there is not much time to achieve it. and there is no other alternative. >> joining us now from the white house is nbc's peter alexander. peter, nobody is exaggerating or undermining should i say the very difficult obstacles that stand in the wave any kind of negotiated peace. but it's rare for the president to turn up at a meeting and that's obviously some kind you have signal. so what are you hearing from the white house as to what the president was trying to say by meeting with these negotiators? >> yeah, martin, be very clear. this new effort is the first time in three years that the israeli and palestinian sides have met together in the white house. officials tell me
includes opposition politicians. john kerry says israeli and palestinian negotiators have agreed to meet again within two weeks. the talks are due to take place in either israel or the palestinian territories. talks collapsed three years ago. fromre hoping for more this latest round. >> israeli and palestinian negotiators say that this time, the talks will mean something. he >> peace, freedom, and dignity within their own independent and sovereign state. by cynics, itade is made by realists that are not afraid. the seeming optimism was nearly six months of prodding and listening -- questioning by the u.s. secretary of state. thate parties have agreed all of the final status issues, the core issues and other issues are all on the table for negotiation. >> of the final status issues include what happens with jerusalem, the final borders for an independent palestine, refugees, and a security concern. officials say neither side is setting preconditions and both are taking political risks 3 enter talks. they are suspending their bid for security council recognition. as aeleased prisoners show
, but i do not think-- this is not an important obstacle. >> i cannot get beyond what john kerry is saying. if we do not negotiate -- this is less dangerous than not negotiating at all, so we have to negotiate something. not on the basis of an oppressed population, an oppressed nation for the past 60 years or so, living under occupation. it is not treated as a cause. the occupation i ignored, but it is the cause, and then you mention all of the things happening. this is also a ver import and cause for the arab nation. why can it not be treated with the symbolic weight for the whole region? >> in some places, it has not been that positive. i am sorry. go ahead. >> the missiles coming from gaza and lebanon, and iteemed to many israelis that ery time the army evacuate an area, it becomes a launching pad for missiles on its cities, and the peace movement and people who supported the peace movement, that has been seriously hurt by the missiles. i also requiring the liberation of people who have been convicted of murdering civilians, women, children, that isot going to get the israeli populaon o
know that secretary of state john kerry will be hosting the negotiators at a dinner this evening and they will meet again tomorrow. this is really a significant first step in resuming those stalled peace negotiations and it comes after a pretty large concession on the part of israeli on sunday. the president announced they would release palestinian prisoners a decision that the prime minister called a painful one but necessary one to get this process started in the eyes of israelis those prisoners are terrorists but in the eyes of palestinians, they are premium fighters so certainly a very difficult decision but one that gave way to the start of these peace talks. these talks also coming after secretary of state john kerry had visited the region six times since becoming secretary of state. sort of underscoring the fact that shuttle diplomacy is still used, it is still quite effective. despite the optimism that exists surrounding these talks, chris, of course, there are huge sticking points. this will be incredibly difficult moving forward. some of the sticking points including pa
as israel and palestinian leaders resoum peace talks. secretary of state john kerry credited to bringing the two sides together in a meeting that would not happen again. kerry said he was not the only one who went to the extra mill. >> getting here tock the leadership of prime minister netanyahu and a bas. stay towned former un ambassador to the un john bolton will talk about the new rounds of talks and what he believes our nation's role should be in this debate. >> president obama making a trip wednesday to capitol hill to meet with the congressional democrats in an attempt to shore up his economic plan. the national debt is $16 trillion. we are reducing the deficit at the fastest rate since world war ii. we need to talk about growth. we need to talk about how to build a better future. you can't just cut your way to growth. you need policy tols help an grow economy and reforms that put things in the right place for the long-term. nwe'll talk to julie and former advisor. and frank who is deputy to president bush. next secretary lew said the government will not sign government bills. and
the pryor sort of historical resonance -- extraordinary sort of historical reverence of john kerry. he came to the senate and tells them he now regretted his military service in vietnam. so you have a whole generation. you have the defense secretary who is a noncommissioned officer in vietnam. it's a whole generation steeped in vietnam. >> humble pie. there were lessons with president johnson and robert mcnamara. johnson admitted he wanted to pull out of vietnam but couldn't find a way to do so without undermining his own political viability. so he continued to send american draftees to fight and die in vietnam in what johnson himself believed was an unwinnable war. his defense secretary robert mcnamara prevailed upon him to do so. the vietnam war escalated from a u.s. south vietnam advisory role to a peak of 534,000 combat forests in the field supporting -- forces in the field supporting south vietnam. robert mcnamara in his 1995 memoir described the war as a terrible error. as for lbj the war crushed him physically and emotionally. he resolved his dilemma by declining to run for reelectio
of the secretary of state john kerry, the support that president obama has given to the idea of a palestinian state on a 67 borders and the seriousness that the european has -- these combined with the fact that the israelis were a bit more willing to release some of the prisoners that were arrested and detained before the agreement, a combination of these things made it possible for the palestinians to be willing to at least discuss the issues of the negotiations. >> so let me ask you about some of the thorny issues and i asked michael oren about the requirement that netanyahu made that the palestinians recognize israelis as a jewish state, do you think this poses any obstacle for the palestinian state? >> the palestinian side is the plo and the plo is seen as -- the plo that were left in palestinian when israel was created. the palestinian citizens of israel are not jewish. and so by declaring israel a jewish state, i think it's a slap to fellow palestinians who are living in nazareth or in ifa or in najaf. it's an emotional issue and the feeling is it would add to the discrimination against citiz
. strange sight in san francisco bay. ,, toward peace tonight. they've accepted secretary state john kerry's invitatio break brea e >>> israeli and palestinian negotiators are taking a step toward peace tonight. they have accepted secretary of state john kerry's invitation to dinner. it's the first face-to-face meeting between israeli and palestinian officials in nearly three years. >> just the fact that the secretary of state can not only resume negotiations but sustain them, i think i might have something. >> the two sides are at odds over four major issues, including the building of israeli settlements and sharing the city of jerusalem. >>> a military judge expects to announce a verdict tomorrow in the trial of bradley manning. the 25-year-old soldier is accused of aiding the enemy by giving a trove of documents to wikileaks. aiding the enemy is the most serious charge he faces. it could mean a life sentence if convicted. he said he disclosed the documents to spark a debate about america's wartime conduct. >>> much worse than we thought. we now hearing a thief made off with $136 million
individualized. at last night's dinner in d. tate john kerry >>> it's just a step first middle east peace but it appears things went well at last night's dinner in d.c. secretary of state john kerry hosted the dinner for israeli and palestinian negotiators. despite the cautious optimism, all sides acknowledge it will be very hard to find common ground for any kind of deal. the talks will continue later today. >>> and today a military judge plans to announce a verdict in the trial of a u.s. soldier accused of helping the enemy. bradley manning is accused of giving classified national security documents to the website wikileaks. manning facing multiple counts of espionage, computer fraud and theft. he says did he it to encourage debate over america's wartime conduct. he faces a life sentence if convicted. >>> the fbi says a dozen children in the bay area have been rescued as part of a nationwide crackdown on child prostitution. the fbi worked with local police agencies and captured some of the arrests on video. in the bay area alone, authorities arrested 21 suspected pimps the highest numbe
the white secretary of state john kerry. secretary john kerry will deliver a statement to the press at 11:00 today, including a aboutnel announcement the middle east envoy. congress is returning for their final week before the august recess. the house of gavels in tomorrow at noon eastern with legislative work expected at 2:00. house lawmakers will also take of a bipartisan compromise bill to address a doubling of student loan interest rates. the latest version of the bill was approved by the senate last week. you can watch the house live here on c-span. on c-span2, the senate will be back live with their work on bills regarding the transportation -- regarding transportation and housing and urban development. with federal spending running out at the end of a september, we spoke with a reporter to find out more about the upcoming congressional agenda and upcoming debt negotiations ceiling. host: at the table is gail russell chaddock. thank you for being here. this is the final week before the august break in congress. the question for our guest is, what does congress want to or need to acc
of state john kerry is urging egypt's leaders to work together to curb the violence of the all of this as the death toll from the weekend violence rises to 72. >>> new details today in that deadly shooting at a florida apartment complex just outside miami. florida police say it all started when pedro vargas shot and killed six people, including the apartment's managers. s.w.a.t. team members eventually shot and killed vargas. they were also able to free two of the hostages. at this point no word on a motive. >>> and an unexpected appearance in cleveland this weekend. amanda bear ri, one of the women held captive for more than a decade, surprised a crowd at a day-long concert. the 27-year-old was all smiles, but didn't say anything, as she waved to the cheering crowd. >> give it up for amanda berry! [ cheers and applause ] i told her she had a little bit of time to make up on the partying, and that you guys would help her out tonight. >>> pope francis is wrapping up a historic prip to brazil today with a mass that drew a reported 3 million people. take a look at that crowd. near
and what allowed these talks to move forward. these talks also coming after secretary of state john kerry visited the region six separate times sort of underscoring the fact that diplomacy still works but there are huge challenges to actually moving forward in terms of peace negotiations. one of the major sticking points palestinians are calling for israelis so halt for new construction in some areas particularly the west bank and they want negotiation to start based on the 1967 borders that is something that israelis have balked out in the past. so really significant challenges moving forward. richard, still an important first step and secretary of state john kerry will be hosting the negotiators at a dinner this evening at the state department. >> we are watching those live pictures at the state department for our viewers as they are watching the screen just moments ago. any moment right now, we expect the secretary of state to be coming to the microphones. are the possible outcomes here, are thee similar to what we saw with ariel sharon in 2006? what does the white house expect this ti
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